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The Opportunity Directory has provided me with a sense of community. I have had the chance to form unique bonds within the professional environment and create genuine connections with my peers. This platform has provided me with opportunities as I navigate into the working world, and promoted personal development beyond the academic scene.


You really helped me with understanding my chosen future degree, I had a tab on the computer researching the difference between BSc and BA degrees and the information provided was ‘it doesn’t matter which you choose’. You explained the differences and what style of work each one requires.


The Opportunity Directory is an amazing platform that has brought people together from across the country. I for one feel I have greatly benefited from the group due to the crucial tips given for my university applications and I think now it will be a large contributing factor to me being able to participate in more schemes to advance me as an individual both in terms of academic ability and kickstarting my career.


The Opportunity Directory has benefited me in numerous ways. I've had the chance to apply to several internships and increase my knowledge through networking with individuals who share the same mindset as me. Without The Opportunity Directory, I would not be as informed as I am today. I am indebted to the team for the hard work and energy they put into running this organisation.


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